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I bought 2 gift cards and sent them electronically to my family's email. when they went to redeem them, it said they had already been redeemed.

apparently amazon let a random email (not my family's email) redeem them. I called three times and spoke with them and chatted online twice and in the end they said "take it up with your bank. there is nothing we can do." I have been a customer for years... no longer!

One of their "nice" representatives said that this random email had bought a lot of stuff with gift cards... which makes me assume that this happen a lot. If a company knows this is happening and they have the address to where all of the stuff is shipped.. why can't they handle it?

Why do I need to be bothered to take this issue up with my bank?

I didn't get hacked... THEY DID.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Gift Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I canceled my Prime tonight. Amazon has gotten worse n worse.

Two day shipping is make believe. Constant shipping issues they dont resolve. (Who ships a light bulb in am envelope) imagine how that arrived. The Prime movie selection has became worse of all my streaming choices.

And searching fir anything has became impossible. If i search for mens Mizuno 9.5. Dont shoe me women's sports bras. Mens dress shoes size 12.

Camping gear....

I just did several orders from Jet back to back. ZOOM. Not one error.

Maybe not the selection but they can manage their business. I don't mind paying more to buy local or to pay for shipping from a company that treats you with respect and professionalism and integrity.