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Ordered this for my daughter's birthday. In their description, they stated that the batteries may need replacing.

When I received it, the batteries were so old that they were corroded and had leaked. I cleaned it out after awhile I got it functional. Was not planning on leaving a review, but Amazon prompted me...so I gave it a neutral rating. Checking my e-mail the next day, I had received 2 e-mails from the company.

First, stating their books normally don't normally have batteries so they didn't know, but offered to bribe me with a refund if I gave them a 5 star. The second came a few hours later. It seems I did not respond fast enough and it was a nasty & sarcastic letter stating "I guess you liked the book, huh. Why are you silent?

That is why you kept it?" I didn't need either a bribe or the sarcasm so I just removed the rating. This morning I saw a sticker on the spine of the book. It read "APR 05 $5.99." I decided to repost a rating because they knew how old this book was and still decided to sell it. They claim they did not know batteries would be correded and leaking?

Really? That is why you offered the bribe? Let me explain a simple fact any everybody knows. You leave batteries in something for SIX YEARS...they will corrode.

They have had six negative reviews this month alone and the month is only half over. And in each instance, their response is to call the customer crazy for their screw-up!

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We actually did indeed ship out a book with a corroded battery. It was an accident or oversight on our part.

However as soon as we found out, we worked close with this customer to remedy the situation by offering a full refund. She even got to kept the book.

@Azalea City Books

The problem is that you are rude and nasty and don't accept responsibility in a kind way

@Azalea City Books

You worked closely with me??? You verbally abused me and called me crazy.

Your online store is horrible and overpriced and your staff is unprofessional and rude.

You never offered a refund for sending a faulty product, you offered a refund if I changed my review to a 5 star rating....