My package, which was a Christmas gift, was delivered to an incorrect address. The error was Amazon's fault.

The replacement shipment is still not here and is not due to arrive until after January 10, 2022.

Why wouldn't Amazon put a rush order and delivery on this to correct their mistake?

Poor customer service was provided during my initial contact. I was told that the "delivered status" was entered prematurely and that my package was actually due to be delivered the next day, on Christmas.

Which was not the case.

I'm glad I called back to get the real story.

The photo of the front porch where my package was delivered showed no package and no address. At least I could 100% tell it was not my front porch.

I received two packages from Amazon the previous week, so how was an incorrect address entered for this

At this point I will be hesitant to use Amazon in the future.

Thank you for following up with me.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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