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Dear Amazon,

My name is Izzy and I wanted to personally reach out and thank you for your recent service. Coming down with Covid-19 hindered my ability to go about necessary daily and weekly activities including going to the grocery store.

I wanted to make sure I was nourishing my body to recover as quickly as possible and your Whole Foods delivery service allowed me to purchase high quality, healthy food to assist me in this without having to come into contact with anyone. Upon realizing I had lost my smell Monday night (9/21) I knew I had to prepare for isolation quickly and my mom spoke highly of your Whole Foods delivery service. I browsed all the options and placed a big order at 5:10 PM, not knowing exactly when it would be delivered (I was expecting much later that night or even the next morning because it was a little late). At 5:22 PM I received a notification my shopper was already at the store and an item was out of stock and asked me for a substitution.

With other grocery delivery services I have used, the shoppers substitute for you, so it was very nice to be able to select my own substitution preference. Also, that my groceries would come in time for dinner that very night. At 6:14 PM, my groceries were dropped directly outside my apartment with note to chill perishables immediately. I was so impressed with the speed and quality of this service with only an extra $5 delivery charge.

I owe some of my Covid recovery to you guys.

I will definitely be using this service again as it makes life as a college student trying to be healthy so much easier. Sincerely, Izzy Levi

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Fresh Membership.

Preferred solution: Response for class project please.

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