Had the same experience when I went to go return my Dell Flagship because it's got non-working USB ports on it. And I try returning only 4 months after I got it.

First they said get a hold of Dell about it, then Dell said the same thing... they sold the computer back in December of 2017 to trivalley. I had purchased this PC in May of 2018 so only had like a six-month warranty left on it. Then when I got a hold of trivalley about it they said that it was out of warranty already for them that I couldn't ship it back without being charged a restock fee or some kind of fee of some sort..

I also got the 4-year extended warranty on it through Amazon...that was a joke as they can't help me either. So three different warranties on this PC I bought and none of them were issued because dell sold it to trivalley..and they only give you a 30 day return policy and Amazon has nothing to do with neither one of those which is why I don't understand why they allow you to go get the extended warranty on it.. so I spent $1,000 on a half as broken computer...

thanks... ill never buy from trivalley Electronics ever again

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: To fix it possibly so i have working usb ports.

Amazon Cons: Cant contact customer service with the simplest of questions.

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