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I ordered an item from them on Amazon, which they misrepresented in their own listing. When I asked to return, they declined it, and they insulted me when doing so in a personal message.

It was only when I reported to Amazon that they did not accept my return, did they issue a return authorization, and again, with personal insults.

There have been 8 emails total where they insult and ridicule me. When I left them an honest feedback score of 1, which they don't even deserve, they used it as an opportunity, again, to ridicule and insult me. They are the worst sellers, and truly mean people.

They don't deserve a dime of anyone's business, and should go back to elementary school and learn some manners. Horrible people!

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We maintain 99%-100% positive feedback with thousands of satisfied customers... This person is not pleased with anything - just angry and obviously foul.

Can't help it - wish them the best...

Our wonderful record speaks for itself. Thanks