I contacted amazon because my package was not delivered. The employee continued to speak over me.

I aak to speak to a supervisor and she stated that language isnt tolerated yelling at me. I asked the supervisor i was eventually transferred to to as for the call to be audited. I used no curses words nor spoke ill to the employee. Yes i raised me voice slightly to try to explain the purpose of my call over the rude representative who would not allow me to speak.

Not only did my child not get their xmas gift on Christmas but i shouldnt have to argue with an employee to find out why. This is completely unprofessional. I honestly may really consider discontinuing both my business accounts and prime. Ive never felt this disrespected by customer service.

Especially when i spend over $100,000 a year with amazon.

The supervisor assured my package will arrive 12/28/21. Then im through

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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