Evidently when I ordered an Item from amazon. I was signed up for Amazon Prime.

The item came which I was happy with and I paid Synchrony Bank in full. I did receive an email in March and April which I ignored since my account was paid in full. On May 20, 2019 I get a PAST DUE invoice from Synchrony Bank. March membership fee 12.99 April Membership fee 12.99 Late Fee 12.99 Minimum interest 1.50 Total 40.47

Amazon was able to cancel my membership and refund both March and April fees.

It takes five days for this refund to happen.

So I am looking at two late fees and two minimum interest fees for a total of $28.98 for something I never used. BEWARE

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Membership.

Reason of review: Misleading membership fees.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Membership was canceled, make the bill dissappear.

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Ok we get it, you forgot to cancel your amazon prime trial. You figured you would use the trial period for the free shipping and cancel once your package arrived.

But then life distracted you and you didn’t respond to the emails because you literally forgot. We have all been there at one point or another. It’s just one of those life lessons we all get. Yep it blows chunks the monkey!

It’s a reminder that free really isn’t free and there is always a cost somewhere. I get you didn’t use it beyond that one instance but they made all of the benefits available to you during that time. It’s how a membership works. You pay for the right and availability to use a product or service.

Always be wary of ANY website that offers you a freebie for trialing their service. Never order a trial size item either or seriously discounted item either. Both lead to membership scams.

Do try and be adult enough to just admit the mistake though. I realize that admission may cause the cosmos to end as we know it seeing as nothing is ever anyone’s fault personally.


Annoying lesson


It appears you didn't carefully read and verify your order before clicking the order button or you would have seen the Amazon fee displayed. This is how we learn.


After reading these complaints. All the answers, seem as arrogant and assuming.

I canceled my Amazon and Amazon account. This is how you learn.


I CANCELLED my Amazon Prime immediately after seeing how much it would cost to continue. Apparently, they have still been charging my credit card.

So, I agree. Just don't order from them.