This was on Amazon about a moisturizer for shipping costs only of $4.97. There was nothing else on it that stated it would be a recurring monthly cost and $89.37.

I received it for several months just thinking they were charging $4.97 until I looked at my bank statement 4 months later.

I called the number and asked what the charges were for in the previous 4 months? I didn't even realize it was for the cream until lady told me.

I immediately cancelled even though she said I could have the cream for 60% off. I told her I don't want it even if it was free.

This is a total rip off. They don't have a website online and when I told the lady I had an unopened jar that I wanted to return for a full refund, she said they would give me a 50% refund and I could keep the jar. I told her no, just give me address and I'd return jar for full refund. She then said they would give me a full refund and I could keep the jar. I had the feeling they didn't want to give the address out.

It is a rip off, so beware!!!

Reason of review: Complete deception.

Monetary Loss: $270.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Gainesville, Florida

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I had the exact same experience. Mine came through an e mail that looked like an offer from Costco.

Same charge for $89.37 that was promised to be $4.97 in shipping only. I called the 1 800 number on the packaging and canceled. The company offered to continue to send me this horrible product at 50% off, I declined, so then they offered to send it at 75% off.

I declined again. Too late for the 3 months of charges to my credit card.


Yes, that happened to me and there was nothing in the packaging except the cream. No invoice or even a return address on the package.

They know exactly what they are doing!

I will never order anything that says "just shipping" costs again. Very shady company and Amazon should take it off their advertisement.