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DoIts not easy to contact someone with product issues. I did finally get a hold of someone that assisted with returning a defected suitcase ( Coollife product).

We purchased the suitcase in September for a trip we were going to take for Thanksgiving. The item was stored unopened until our trip and when we open the package we were unable to open the suitcase due to the zipper in a locked position with no key included or code to open. We were not able to address the issue until we returned from our trip and the representative we spoke to it was pasted the return date but she was able to get approval for the return but I had to pay a restocking fee. I let her know we did not have the box the product came in as we discarded after opening.

She said thats not a problem & take the product and the label which she emailed and they will not charge you for packaging & sending back.

We were charged $20 for packaging when we sent back the item. We purchase so much through Amazon with few items ever returned or exchanged and this has us rethinking where we make our future purchases.

User's recommendation: Don’t make returns so difficult.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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At least you were able to return it and get your money back. They did the same for me but when I actually did return the product, they suddenly flipped the script and told me that I shouldn’t have. As a result I lost hundreds of dollars and the product I was told I could return.