Returned a ninja grill to Kohls your business partner obviously a branch of your own business who you have a partnership with! Well the very nice clerk there tried everything for about a half an hour and couldnt get a code she said please leave the package with us and go back and try to contact Amazon theyre very helpful in the situation as its happened before and give me the code since youve been here waiting for an hour so my wife gets home calls Amazon told her the situation and they say basically theres nothing we can do other than go pick the package back up from Kohls bring it home and we wont charge you to send it back big deal I said OK. So I spoke to a supervisor after the original person said they couldnt do anything and Customer service repa supervisor wouldnt be able to help you any further which happened to be the case unfortunately.

User's recommendation: Pray you don’t get any customer service reps like I had however every other one in the past that I have had and needed help or very courteous.

Location: Pompano Beach, Florida

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