Not solved u stole from me for my money from a disabled person. First u have me go to Amazon HUD thing but code does not work and I had to walk a mile to get t by ere and back

Then u promised that ups or whatever would pick it up.

And that did not happen

U sent me a defective laptop that is unusable.

Then give me round around with broken promises

In short u robbed me.

I have Uribe channel called dreamer craft corner I may only have 640 sub but also FB group

I will be doing a video on this issue. I will blast it not only on my Uribe channel and FB group but will blast it on instergram Twitter

Not to mention I will spend more money on during Amazon and call news channels unless u keep u promise and have ups pick up like u promised and refund me my money.

User's recommendation: Don't buy electronics from Amazon they will steel from u.

Location: San Diego, California

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