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I accidentally made an order Amazon when I realized I had accidentally pressed place order I immediately called Amazon to please cancel the order because I am on a fixed income and I could not afford it this month because my shipping was as much as my purchase. Once it was explained to me I understood why the shipping was so high but regardless I needed it to be canceled I forget the guy's name he could not speak English told me everything was fine that it had been canceled I told him I could not afford for Amazon to keep popping my account because I'm on a fixed income and it going to cost me not to be able to live this month.

He assured me everything was fine it was canceled well I get paid the very next day I get my disability check and I always transfer my money over to cash out because I had a Walmart employee steal my last 75 bucks off my account that I get my disability on. So as soon as I get my money I transfer it over to cash out and my phone started pinging I called Amazon this chick couldn't speak English was not helpful that nothing absolutely nothing to try to help me in the more she kept telling me she couldn't find my email which the day before they did and then she wanted the zip code and then she just and as I'm speaking to her Cash out is popping my account five times in 2 minutes and I'm panicking because that's my money that was all the money I had to my name until I get paid again at the end of the month I kept asking her to hurry and she was so ignorant and no customer service does not know how to go up beyond their duty sometime to help people and I and then she told me cuz I was cursing she was *** me so far off and here I was getting pings every second from cash app so I told her to let me speak to a supervisor his name was Cecil he was pleasant he actually called the other dealers that y'all deal with and had them all canceled and I thanked him and I asked him to please apologize to that chick and that maybe he needs to speak to the dude I talk to the day before and either train him again I'll explain to him what he needs to do because he could cause a lot of people grieve the first dude I called called the day before.

I have worked in financial institutions in real estate for 35 years I am now disabled I need two double knee replacements from taking care of my handicapped daughter and it's okay I can get them fixed but I don't have extra money anymore since I'm on a disability check and I can't afford mistakes I have exactly enough to pay what I need to pay and sometimes if I have more I'll splurge and I buy from Amazon I love Amazon but that chick that couldn't speak English couldn't spell and I asked her what do you need me to do come there and type it in for you. But Mr Cecil still handled it and he was very very nice and it finally resolved it I end up ended up having a transfer money off of my cash app which cost me $4 and put it on another card just so cash out didn't keep pinging my account so yes sir I was upset I was a very pissed off customer and you would too but it's all resolved and I appreciate u reaching out to me

User's recommendation: Use Amazon.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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