Hello Amazon

I am Bui Zung, my Amazon account is thedung.1292@***.com.

I have 2 Amazon USA orders that were purchased since September 18 and sent to Russia(Order #111-772****-829**** and Order #111-740****-793****) and were delivered by UPS.


My problem now is that amazon's account specialist have unreasonable locked my account (I'm still asking to appeal their decision, but they haven't responded yet). During that time, the Order #111-740****-793**** mentioned above arrived in Russia and got stuck at the customs, because the customs required the invoices, proving that those orders were mine and I paid for the these orders.

But all the proof I am a buyer and other documents related to the order are saved in my amazon account (thedung.1292@***.com). As mentioned above, account My account has been locked out unreasonably by the account specialist and I'm still trying to work with them

The above problems result in my order being stuck at customs until I provide them with the order documents (eg invoice, proof of purchase ...) .

Every day my order gets stuck at customs, I have to pay an additional 500rubs for the customs storage fee, after only 1 month the fee for storage in custom is a half of all money i paid for the order, that is so hurt because I'm not rich

My request

Please send me the documents relating to the 2 orders Order #111-772****-829**** and Order #111-740****-793**** in my Amazon account thedung.1292@***.com (eg invoice, purchase certificate ... etc) what I can use to prove that I have purchased from you.


Bui Zung


Location: Moscow, Moscow

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