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I received a replacement for a pair of gloves on which the seams were not sewn in areas, and which were inaccessible for me to repair because of the lining, which was thick enough that it made it impossible to turn the glove inside out without further damaging the existing seams. The replacement set, including both gloves, is missing the fleece or any lining, which the original set had.

Therefore, the listing was not an errant description. The lining was specified twice: First in the header, which reads,

Womens Winter Warm Gloves With Sensitive Touch Screen Texting Fingers, Fleece Lined Windproof Gloves; and

Secondly in the Product Details, About This Item, Paragraph 3, the listing reads:

This classic winter gloves are made of high-quality non-inverted velvet, which is a breathable and soft material, and we specifically choose dense and soft fleece as lining, that's why our gloves not only keep your hands warm, yet thin and comfortable to tuck in your coat pocket or purse with no problems.

I am making no issue of the fact that there is only a small part on the front, lower part of the gloves that is velvet. The remainder of the gloves is polyester. I can live with that, if they are still as warm as the seller claims.

If not, Amazon risks no return, as returned items must be unworn. But I may never get the chance to know.

My problem is that, due to Amazons apparent policy of allowing only one exchange per item sold, with the caveat that if there is a second return, only a refund is allowed, I cant receive the gloves I ordered and really love. My choices are to keep the second pair of gloves I received, without any lining and with raw seams; or return them for a refund.

I want these gloves, as described in the listing! They are beautiful, fashionable, and come in the color I want.

But without the specifically choose[n] dense and soft fleece as lining, which was in the first pair I ordered and returned, the new gloves I received on March 26th certainly wont be warm, which defeats the purpose of gloves. And yet, by Amazon standards, I cant return them, except if I want a refund. It was simply another defective pair of gloves, which I should have the right to return with the choice of replacement or reimbursement! I want a replacement.

Its that simple.

I want the pair of gloves I ordered, per the accurate description in the listing. I understand that, to fulfill my request, Amazon packers may have to carefully open and inspect several glove packages to find a pair of gloves as described in the listing, with seams complete and lining sewn within, and without any other damage I have yet to encounter.

Ill make a note here: The inner package, with the gloves therein, had a corner that had apparently been opened and then resealed with tape. The area opened was small, so that it was probably done in some type of error rather than inspection. The remainder of the packaging was not damaged, which means the item packaging was torn prior to or upon receipt or handling by Amazon, and stocked by Amazon, with the chance that the contents were damaged.

This action belittles my understanding of Amazon standards.

I know multiple other vendors that would accept a second return for replacement due to defect without causing the customer an additional frustration in writing their customer service, then awaiting a determination on the request, having inspected the item previously sent to the consumer, and then seeking a marketable pair of gloves without flaws before sending the new item to the consumer.

Their actions would be positive and responsive to the need and desire of the consumer.

I appreciate the time and am hours it will require to make a determination in this matter. I also appreciate your consideration of my request.

User's recommendation: Keep trying!

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Amazon Pros: I like their products, Large assortment of products most are delivered on time.

Amazon Cons: Hard to contact, Want replacement, Need to talk to a real person, Want to get what i ordered in good condition.

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