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I am on disability, homebound with no car. So for a while ordering from Amazon as Prime member has been both fun and helpful.

Not since the beginning of 2019. The deliveries have only gotten worse no matter how many calls to Amazon I make or emails sent, or directional signs on the porches left. I make many orders still, but this year the mishaps in deliveries may be approaching SEVENTY FIVE!!! They have robbed me of the fun I used to experience with orders: all I do now with them is worry.

This week alone I have experienced four bad deliveries in a row.

Two went to the wrong address, one left on the front railing open to theft or rain, today's on the back porch edge where rain and theft could happen.

When I tried to catch the delivery woman, demanding she place it correctly, she yelled back at me disrespectively before she drove off and refused.

Apparently, ALL of the driver delivery supervisors in our area don't know or care about doing a responsible, good job for customers. They and their drivers are reprehensible.

I have seen packages thrown, dropped, dropped open and left, placed on top steps where, again, they risk weather and theft in an unsafe neighborhood.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: fix it.

Amazon Cons: Excuses made instead of fulfilling their services, Bad execution.

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You failed to mention the actual delivery company having the problem. Depending on the company, call them and complain.

Continue to complain to Amazon, but that is probably a futile endeavor because Amazon can take the loss of your business in stride. Best thing to do is to shop online at other places than Amazon. Many sites now offer free delivery if over a certain amount, etc.

Amazon is not very responsive to customer complaints such as yours. They really don't care and won't miss your business.