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I ordered Phillips Audio 100W party speaker on 3rd October . It said it will be delivered by 8 - 11 October, but on Wednesday that is 6th October a order came saying on my name a Phillips audio speaker of 500-600 and for the actual product we paid around 8000.

The delivery man said that tell me the cancellation otp and we told after it , in amazon account i is now keep showing up from Wednesday itself that it will be delivered by 9pm today and when we wait till 9 pm it says IT WAS EXPECTED BY TODAY below i have shared screenshots of the issue and the invoice for the payment. Today also it is showing will be delivered by 9pm today.

And today is the last date for the delivery.Please can u clear this As soon as possible what is the problem and where is my order and when it will come the confirm date

If a order doesnt comes on date given then whats the procedure amazon refunds the money right? Pls as soon as possible i want my product.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Amazon Cons: Didnt deliver on time.

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