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Original review updated by user Aug 02, 2021

I got an email stating my package will be delivered July 22, 2021 but my husband, and I was visiting his sister in Florida, so I went on my UPS account to reschedule for July 28.2021, I thought it was rescheduled but apparently not while I got an email while we were still in Florida stating my package was delivered at front door and since the only front door is the one leading to the hallway my first thought was they have done it again so far this year I have had to file seven claims with different sellers because UPS USPS FedEx refused to read the sign that has been posted from 2015 up until now which I took down since they weren't doing what I requested which was to stop leaving my packages in the hallway of a six unit building or on the sidewalk lending up against the building or giving them to anybody that's not me apparently they don't care it got so bad that Amazon and Wish had closed out my account because I was getting to many refunds through no fault of mines, but companies like this always blaming the victims instead of the real culprit the postal service it wasn't until last year that it was activated again and since then I had to file numerous claims so when I told them I didn't get my packages again this time I was told by them that after they pay the delivery service it's their policy that it's out of their hands that it's between me and the delivery service and that they are responsible for giving me what was lost then when I tried to file a claim with UPS I was told even if the package was deliver but not receive the retailer is responsible for it, so now since neither one is willing to give me my money it's time for a judge to come into the picture I'll be damn if they keep my money because the postal service has been doing a lousy job lately and that they are trying to recoup money they have lost since this pandemic started even if it means coming after the victim.I'm going to have to take somebody to small claims court I feel if I pay the company for a product it's out of my hands and goes into the hand of the seller to get it to me in a timely and safe manner then the company pays someone to deliver it, but the customers never got it that the responsibility falls on the retailer I closed out my account with Amazon might as well do it now and not wait for them to do it after I go file a a dispute claim but in all fairness they did told me to file a police report this time which tells me that they think I'm lying even when I told them I was going to prove that I wasn't home normally I file a dispute claim with my credit card company but the postal service needs to start taking some of the blame like Amazon should also when I pay my money I pay for service render and service wasn't render. I have file police reports and the first thing they asked is what they want them to do saying that it would be a waste of time since I wasn't there and can't possibly give them a starting point common sense would tell them that if it was stolen from inside nobody is going to say yes I took it Amazon is doing this because they think if they make me jump through their hops so many times I will stop well I won't my mother didn't raise any quitter

User's recommendation: have a good lawyer.

Monetary Loss: $141.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Pros: Great prices.

Amazon Cons: Paying for amazons errors.

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