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I have called many times and want to make a complaint Bc my order was cancelled and they said I would be refunded but it has now been a month and I have called many times and I did not get my money back.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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I posted a warning about Amazon's new deceptive billing practices with regard to debit card purchases. They used to bill you when the order shipped but now they bill you immediately.

They forward the order to a distribution center and it that center doesn't have the item/items, the refund the money and replace the order. The did it to me four times for the same order, overdrawing my bank account because they charged me four times in a row because while they were out stealing and cheating, the items I ordered were selling out so they had to scurry to find a distribution center who actually had the item. I was told that the distribution centers don't know anything about the ordering process, they get the order, pull the funds and go looking. They don't care that three other distribution centers did the same thing ...

used to love them, now they shuffle *** and pawn it off of those of us who supported their growth and success. They ruined my Christmas ...

six orders placed in early Dec (and I've been a member of Prime for 15 Years) are missing, some lost, some unaccounted for and some simply were cancelled without my knowledge. We have to stand together!