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I returned an item that did not work, got approval to return from the seller, returned it to the address provided to me by Amazon, followed all directions and have had nothing but problems for two weeks trying to get this refund.

It seems Amazon does not have any kind of system in place. Even though I provided all the details they seem to not have the information that was attached to the order.

I had to re-provide them the previous emails which I feel they should have already had at their fingertips I found no satisfaction in trying to deal with customer service because no one could explain how a seller could rebuke a return after they approved it and provided the proper address.

I had to call four times, be on the phone for about half an hour each time.

And no one could really tell me why this was happening. Very frustrating and it has left a very bad taste in my mouth for Amazon

I will try to go to other vendors for shopping in the future

User's recommendation: Do not deal with third-party vendors. It is a nightmare if the product is not what you had expected and you try to get your money back. A total cluster*.*.

Location: Walnut Creek, California

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