I ordered Kurt Adler cupcake ornaments. Theyre glass and VERY fragile.

They came in an ENVELOPE!! Smashed of course. I complained (which I rarely do) and asked for a replacement. They came in an envelope AGAIN.

Broken. AGAIN. Who does that? I cant believe an Amazon worker would do something that stupid.

Im going to assume this was a seasonal worker who took leave of their senses-no regular Amazon worker would do that!! Ive had absolutely great experiences with Amazon which was why I was so shocked. I took pictures of the items and the envelopes. What annoyed me even more was being told I had to take the smashed up pieces and return them!

Are you kidding me?? Ugh.


Deborah Johnson


Below you are asking me to Rate this company. I love Amazon, not this particular transaction so Im rating Amazon as a whole.

User's recommendation: Don’t buy fragile items at Christmas.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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