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I bought a blue Fezen juicer and when I got it, the brand name was not Fezen. It was another name.

So I decided to get the same juicer in another color. Well, Amazon had a holiday discount the day I bought the blue one and when I went to buy the orange one, the promotional discount was not being offered. I couldnt do an even exchange on line so I called customer service. I spent 59 mins on the phone with the customer service.

She told me to buy the orange one at a regular price and when they receive the blue one, to call them and I was going to get a credit back on my credit card for the difference to make it an even exchange. I returned the blue juicer, I called them back to notify I returned it and to get the credit on the difference back on my account. Well, I have been on the phone another 42 mins so far and no one can find the comments on my account. They keep telling to wait 2 mins please.

I have Amazon prime . You should not have to spend 2 hrs on the phone to do an even exchange! 2 hrs that Im not getting paid like the *** answering the phone.

The system wont allowed them to do the refund of the difference to my credit card. Happy shopping and great job Amazon prime!!

User's recommendation: Don’t believe what one agent tells you.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Pros: Ease of shopping.

Amazon Cons: Third party companies selling under reputable companies, Some return policies.

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