I have heard nothing from anyone at Amazon concerning my refund for an order of 3 cds made in early November of this year, where one costing $24.99 was canceled a day or so later. I paid like $46.98 or something for all three cds.

Even with the $24.98 taken from the total, it leaves about $22.00 which covered the other two cds ordered at the time.

I was still charges the full amount as reflected in my bank statement.

The first representative was extremely cordial and responsive to my problem. She told me she would continue to look into my records, resolve my complaint, and contact me with information about what she had found.


Amazon is a very large company that makes tons of profit.

They do not need to squeeze a senior citizen on Social Security Retirement Benefits for his dime. Did someone want a pack of cigarettes, and a lighter to go with it?

If I am not correct about this, show me the proof, prove me wrong!

User's recommendation: Be very sure you will not have to return anything after you have paid for it.

Location: Springfield, Missouri

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