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Sooo basically I returned a product some time after I order it because it wasnt doing the things I thought i bought it for. It was a controller for an Xbox and the controller wasnt up to par with my expectations so I thought maybe if I use it for like a day or two itll get better, it didnt.

So then I packed the controller up went to my closest ups store and returned it and my Amazon still hasnt refunded me. The thing is I did the refund original method which is the gift card which should take only 2-4 hrs after its there but its been over two weeks and Im just trying to get my money back so I can buy a new a better controller. So can you tell me whats up with that.

I returned the controller on the 25 of last month feb 25. Today is march 7 so can we like get me my refund so I can buy this new controller or whats going on

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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