My name is Stephen Robert Laycock from The UK.

In October of this year I ordered a Samsung Tab S7 Keyboard Black ( EF-DT87OUBEGUJ ) advertised on Amazon. Unfortunately, I had what is known in The UK as a Senior Moment, instead of ordering it from Amazon UK I mistakenly ordered it from The US.

The item eventually arrived at my address here in the UK in late October. Unfortunately the Keyboard in question turned out to be a unwanted Xmas present. I sent the goods back via my local post office using a Tracking system. My Information is it was successfully returned to : 3837 BAY LAKE TRAIL LAS VEGAS 89030 U S A

and was received at 11.40 local time on November 8th 2021.

I have e-mailed Baba International LCC 3 times and not had a reply as I am asking for a refund of £220.00 paid from my account Ending...9486.

TRANSACTION ID 3906****K956791ON

Can you please look into this as I am worried regarding my issue.

And worried Amazon matbe dealing with scammers. Thank You Stephen, E mail- steve.not.named@***.co.uk

Location: Rotherham, England

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