I was not sent a return label. And not being an Amazon customer or have an account with Amazon was not sure what to do.

Tried to call and an agent from Amazon or I should say claim to be from Amazon tried to scam me and I end up hanging up on him after 10 minutes of a conversation of him trying to get into my account. A week later I tried again a different Amazon associate claim to be from Amazon tried the same thing and end up ordering donkey Kong and a Xbox. Told me that it would be put on my card but it kept saying access denied no available funds and after the second time it kept showing that I said I'm sorry I feel like I'm being scammed and hanged up.

I finally got a return label in my email miscommunication with the mailman I sent it off and I didn't get the rest of my refund because I didn't send it off in 30 days I feel it was unfair. Especially since I don't have an Amazon account and not familiar with the rules

User's recommendation: Always double check everything. And always read fine print.

Location: Flemington, Missouri

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