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Update by user May 08, 2020

My dissatisfaction originated with a delivery date for a Prime order from Amazon (not a third party) of May 14, and my inability to stress my concerns to a rational source (the automated system is surprisingly lame). Although, I am happy to report that Amazon has rectified the delivery issue.

I received my order today, May 8. As the order date is May 6, Amazon's commitment to customer service, even in these "dark" [sic] times, proves to be commendable. Thank you for your assistance, and please advise Anonymous #185**** that they should stand up for themselves now and again. They may be surprised at what could come of it.

Also tell them there is no need to hide. Dissent is ok, even if your wrong.

Original review posted by user May 06, 2020

Email sent to Amazon (I hope they received it):

I had to write a Business Email, because regular customers are no longer important enough to have email access.

As this Corona Virus SHAMdemic saga continues, Amazon, like most other companies, learned quickly how to further reduce the quality of customer service in America and have a "viable EXCUSE." B.S. There is NO excuse. Amazon being one of the only corporations with a sense of urgency, has now joined the ranks of the worst. You are using global scare tactics as an excuse to relieve you of the "next day delivery" burden and to reduce work hours (which likely increases your bottom line).

I have elected to cancel my subscription, as I will advise everyone I know to do. I'm not sure any company in America deserves the prestige of being "customer oriented," but you are definitely no longer at the top of my list. When it comes to corporate values, you have sold out to the hypocrisy of a system that says one thing and does another. McDonald's, in my opinion, is where the demise of quality in America began, but you have elected to carry the torch.

Have you, or anyone you know, ever received a burger that looked like the one shown on the overhead menu? I haven't either. Do you complain? It's doubtful, but do. As such, I'm seen as an *** to the customers behind me. They accept that "that's just how it is." They are simply complacent. They have grown accustomed to bad service. They have been taught not to complain by their lazy, timid caretakers.

Substandard expectations and learned willingness to accept shoddy products is what continues to erode America's quality. Maybe if we all refuse to accept poor quality, and refuse a product that is not representative of the advertising lie, we could together fix our broken system and return to the standard of quality that the world expected in the 70's era. I have been vocal, and canceling a subscription that used to mean something is just one of a string of revolts ignored to date by the corporate world. If I can get this movement started, you will soon understand what it means to "retail" buyers and how much they SHOULD HAVE meant to you.


Kenny Rittgers

Preferred solution: Fix the problem.

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Well said!


I'm sure they appreciated the lecture. They will now reform their highly unsuccessful business model to conform to your specifications.


Perfect example...Thanks for your valued confirmation!


I received the package originally scheduled for May 14, today. That's the two day delivery I am accustomed to.

I cannot state without doubt that the "lecture" made a difference, but the questionable circumstance should be enough to make even you want to stand up for yourself, if just once in a while. As a matter of well known fact, it is your right under the USC First Amendment, (provided you live in the US).

Good luck on all of your future endeavors. Kenny