The wrong packages was delivered to the wrong address it was supposed to go to the building next to me and good faith I taken the packages to the building next to me and put it in the correct building and the correct apartment door obviously the drivers are not paying attention to addresses.

I I've checked for a Amazon order in the account said it was delivered and it wasn't but in the message box said it was given to the tenant but whoever the driver gave it to you it was not me, if a drivers are going to do that they need to ask for the person's ID to make sure it matches the name on the package what was done was not a good practice to give someone's package to someone else and is not the person that supposed to have it

User's recommendation: Pay real close attention when ordering due to there are alot other Amazon marketing options be careful of what you adding to you cart.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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