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My husband received my package destructively opened and missing one other product, when I came home from work to see my package, it was damaged and opened on the corner large enough for the smaller package that was in it to fall out. Fortunately, my other order never came out.

I received only one of my order not the other, but I called customer service around 4 o'clock and was able to clear the problem, my expected purchase is coming tomorrow, thank you. Just a suggestion Even if it is something as small as a box of supplements and one pack of two eyeliners ANY OTHER TIME IT COMES IN A BOX, Why not now!?..

Somebody just probably did not feel like packing, I'm just saying!! But in all thank you I understand that mistakes happen so giving that Amazon is still a Great company thank you, issue solved!..

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Burlington, New Jersey

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