At around 11:00 AM on Tue. Oct.

5th, on Tennessee highway 43 and the on-ramp to eastbound lanes of 64 By-pass, a truck driver pulling a truck with big blue letter stating "PRIME" coming from Lawrenceburg, TN cut across the northbound lanes of 43 blocking both lanes and forcing me to swerve off the road to avoid broad-siding him. After I got my car stopped, the driver who had stopped to watch the crash pulled away without rendering assistance, offering an apology, etc. Now I understand that accidents happen, and I will also admit I only suffered a good scare with minimal damage to my car, but the *** could have stopped to see if I was alright.

Now you people have GPS systems in your trucks, so you could find out who this driver was in a few minutes. I believe he owes me at least an apology at the very least.

Location: Redmond, Washington

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