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My rabbit completely shredded her cage, I ordered from there through amazon.com. So now I had to buy the new one.

I'm tire of buying rabbit cages.

Not only that top part keep clasping. And she almost chewed those plastic locks off so she could escape.

Location: Austin, Texas

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typically rabbits are kept in pairs being extremely social animals and it doesn't look like yours has anything else to chew on unless you removed it for the picture, rabbits get bored easily and usually chewing is the first thing they resort too. They need lots of toys and do you have a run or playpen for them to hang out in?

They need lots of exercise and attention. Id also consider just making a rabbit hutch, theres simple plans online since any cage made of plastic will be temporary at best, even a modified dog crate with wooden ramps and platforms would be better, no plywood or treated wood though