My thousand dollar gift card ezlovelerry29@gmail.com I've been trying to contact you guys about that gift card I filled out the survey and haven't received anything for doing the survey I would like you guys to contact me and give me more details about the thousand dollar gift card is this a fake survey just War you guys to get information and not complying with the gift cards is it fraud or fault survey so please contact me and give me more information I still don't know why this don't let me process to you guys it's more than a hundred words I don't know why it's so complicated to reach you guys but I would like for you guys to contact me back and let me know why I haven't received the thousand dollar gift card for filling out the survey you guys keep telling me to refill it out and I do it over and over again but I haven't had any details about the card for doing the survey

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Are people seriously this stupid? Amazon is NOT offering $1,000 gift cards for taking a survey.

It's called a scam and has been done for years by multiple different companies. Amazon is NOT behind this, just like Wal-mart is NOT behind the e-mail I got today telling me I could have $250 if I just clicked a link real quick.You are incredibly gullible.


You should be addressing this to Amazon or calling them. In any case, your complaint is just one big run on sentence.