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When I'll get my refund .

I have ordered a pair of puma incite fs women running shoe but size was big so I refund it to Amazon. After few days i did not get refund and tried calling Amazon customer care but they did not respond in a proper way .

It is amount 2249 Indian rupees .

I want my refund asap and inform Amazon higher level authority to take action against the customer care executives . Otherwise I'll go to higher level .

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Please help I love Amazon I buy a lot and my email is myrnagarcia1999@***.com and I forgot password please help I try to make new account but I cant
I had a art set and it is stolen is there a way I can refund it and gets a new one it is from Amazon
I've called Amazon Customer Service+1~858~264~4290 Free Helpline as earlier they helped me regarding my orders.
You’re not going to get your refund. This is a scam call center in India that poses as Amazon, Microsoft, Norton, PayPal and the IRS. Check out Scammer Payback and Trilogy Media on YouTube and get informed!
This is a scammer operation this is not Amazon calling you please don’t like just returning to an Amazon store and will give you a refund and I do not work at Amazon but I know that because I return stuff this is not Amazon!
I have ordered farberware classic full dishcarack and it says that it’s delivered but I didn’t got it
I think you got scammed. Im Sorry for you and need to spam because 100 symbols jfjfbfjdbbdjsbejjehsj
I have a package that I haven't received yet and I was wondering if I can get my refund back they said it was going to be here and they ship it back to austin
Don't have customer care number I am try to get my account when able to get back on my amazon account
Dear sir i have purchase Joyride F White Sports He came in the parcel already dirty torn and worn. .i return your item and give me refund
Dear sir we have purchase one iteam Iteam name balt Order I'd sa-1024-l-9 Ship to -AWB247214****61 Vilas yadav Dahod I return your item and give me refund
If they need any more information on my billing address is different from my shipping address please give me a call
I am upset is missing on my stove of solar moon the box is damage what happened to my six products of my Sailor moon miss I Pay for everything
According to the Amazon refund policy, it may take up to 25 days for your item to be back to Amazon. After they receive your return, they will automatically issue the refund.
@Ann McDonald Please stop all sell from this email norrisself0@***.com the account number 2249 so please with all sell from this email list .. stop all... think you very much and have a nice day God bless
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What Now?

Edwin D Hdc

My order # was 9400-10****-94898-73****, my name is Edwin c. Danley, your records show delivered, but no delivery was made.

This has happened twice.

What now? Thank you, Edwin

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What do I do if UPS says my return shows Amazon received it but Amazon doesn’t show that

Cheryl M Iqc

I returned 18 items on June 16, 2022 but Amazon does not show that. UPS shows Houston received the box. Thank you

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How can I return an unopened kit?

Penny B Bvg

I made a mistake in purchasing 2 kits instead of one. Neither one have been opened. They are still wrapped in the double plastic cover.

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I accidentally put my account on hold but if ordered something before my account was on hold will I still get my packages?

Leonardo S Gzs

Account on hold because I accidentally bought something and was wondering if is would still get my packages after my account being on hold.

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Do I have Amazon Prime?

Katina J Xsq

I’m trying to do a free trial with Paramount + but I’m getting a fail error and to contact you all. So I need to know if I have Prime TV.

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Myrna G Zsz

I don’t know password I try to make a new accreditation with my number but I can’t please help me I need make new account I for got passwords I use myrnagarcia1999@***.com but don’t work

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When you are going to pick up my return

Sukanta M Nrq

Return was supposed to be picked up on 24/07 between 7am-7pm, it was not, when I called the agent number provided by Amazon by sms, the rude reply- I have no information

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Why is it taking so long for my packages to arrive

Zach M Cmo

My wife wanted to know about 5 things she bought and it says it's supposed to arrive today but hasn't yet if you can get back asap that'd be great

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Why am I getting charged?

Elliot L Peq

From the 4th month till now I’ve been getting charged. I don’t recall subscribing at all. I’d like a refund or an explanation.

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Fatimah K Gir

I would like someone to call me. I do not want to talk to a robot. I don’t have anything else to say.

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ordered a package and it’s going to the wrong address. What can I do?

Sharon R Gox

I ordered a package and it’s going to the wrong address. What can I do? I want to get the address change before it’s ship out

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A package I ordered said delivered but was never located.

Thomas A Vgt

Never received package after it said delivered order number- 114-499****-258****. Please be of assistance in this situation. Thanks

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My order

Onamika F

Hi, I ordered may 20, but I am still waiting for my order.. please let me know when they gone shipping my order/ thank you

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How do I change my last name

reba c Qfc

I recently divorced and my last name has changed from Reba Claunch to Reba Bain. Please change. Thank you

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Trying to cancel a order.

Jeffery M Qke

Got a message about a laptop being delivered.i didn't order this item and I don't want it they also used my info to do this.cancel the item.

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Why do you continue to use Fedex

Dave P Zko

Why do you allow your 3rd parties to use Fedex? They are simply the absolute worst carrier from *** Nothing ever arrives on time if at all, they have horrific customer service where they seriously lack any honesty.

They have lost one package this week and claim they delivered another and then it was delivered to someone else somewhere else so a product I bought and paid for through Amazon is in the hands of someone else at my expense.

I will continue to purchase from Amazon however after getting burned twice I will check with your 3rd party sellers if they ship with Fedex I will go to another seller that uses a different carrier and they will have my business for that item or product. Amazon needs to very seriously look into the chronic never ending problems with fedex and they bad name they ultimately create for you, and seriously consider telling 3rd parties they cannot sell through Amazon if they ship with Fedex

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I don’t receive my order

Salah N Grr

I ordered two orders and they said 6/20 I get my order but not yet o found running late one order is motor speed and controller cost 36,97 and second order electric motor brushed 250w cost 45,50

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Wrong address for my delivery

Cathy G Upd

You sent a picture of my delivery and it was not my house. So your delivery person put my stuff at the wrong home, how are you going to fix this???

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New cell number on my account

Savanna S Teo

I can log in to my account but then it sends me a notification saying they sent a notification on to one of my old cell number that I don't have anymore how can I change it when it keeps sending it to the same number that I can't change it I just want to change the number on my account to my current cell number can you help

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