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When I'll get my refund .

I have ordered a pair of puma incite fs women running shoe but size was big so I refund it to Amazon. After few days i did not get refund and tried calling Amazon customer care but they did not respond in a proper way .

It is amount 2249 Indian rupees .

I want my refund asap and inform Amazon higher level authority to take action against the customer care executives . Otherwise I'll go to higher level .

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Dear sir we have purchase one iteam Iteam name balt Order I'd sa-1024-l-9 Ship to -AWB247214366861 Vilas yadav Dahod I return your item and give me refund
My Amazon pay balance cut why And re fund soon
Refund not received 585₹ #40847473084058765 Pl 8884168774
If they need any more information on my billing address is different from my shipping address please give me a call
Made double order by mistake, cancelled one don’t see refund to my account!
Cail S
I would like to get my refund
I am upset is missing on my stove of solar moon the box is damage what happened to my six products of my Sailor moon miss I Pay for everything
I want to discountinw my autopay
Call me
Ann McDonald
According to the Amazon refund policy, it may take up to 25 days for your item to be back to Amazon. After they receive your return, they will automatically issue the refund.
@Ann McDonald Please stop all sell from this email the account number 2249 so please with all sell from this email list .. stop all... think you very much and have a nice day God bless
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I am a seller . To whom i can contact for listing of my products ??

by Burnis

The person who was handling my account has now switched off her number and i am unable to list my products to whom now i may contact ..??

0 answers

How to cancel my Amazon prime

by Britaney

Pl cancel my Amazon prime and refund the amount. Pl. Today debit

0 answers

Contact seller

by Kathlynn

See below. The seller advised they can send me replacement cover.

I went to the order details page as they directed but l see no where to leave them the recommended message. Please advise Ann Miller prime member Oregon WI 53575 Hi, We'd love to sent you a replacement protective cover.

Go to the order detail page, sent us an amazon message and leave us you address, we'll sent it to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your cooperation." IVON H&B Care

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I can't sign into my tablet

by Gloria S

I can't seem to get into my tablet.

0 answers

Need to return an item

by Cadie

Tried to print a return label to send back an item because it wasn't what I expected. How would I go about requested amazon to send me a return label

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contacted by telephone that someone charged 149.00 to my acct.

by Tariq

i checked my account online and there were no charges. Is this a SCAM or are these charges for REAL???????

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How to active dcemi?

by Maliyah

Why not working for my debit card emi.. Actually I m got approved for 40000 butemi not working

0 answers

I haven't yet received my tràcking no here in new zealand

by Kassem

Amazon has not yet sent me a tracking no since the begining of July I live in new zealand and I ordered a sleep connection wristband anti snoring

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why.does your drivers have to park in the middle of the road and block traffic?

by Maverick

This is the 3rd time this week I had to wait for an Amazon driver to deliver his package. Couldn't over take him safely because of on coming traffic.

If the mailman and UPS truck park on the side, why can't your delivery truck do the same? Today, instead what waiting behind the truck I decide it was safe for me to overtake him and right when I got near the drivers door, it opens. The driver didn't look in his rear view mirror to see if it was safe to open his door. You need to make your drivers aware of this.

Really need to make them take a drivers test.

As far as I know, it is illegal to park you car in the middle of the roadwY unattended. This is happening in chula vista CA.

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When i will get my refund?

by Mujtaba

I bought Rc transformer remote control toy car.In which remote was not i request for return ,which was approved ,but yet the product was not taken and I didn't got my refund amount of 1349

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what is my current location?

by Elliott

my fire tv do not detact my current location please help me.

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How can I returned my product.

by Kerriann

I have already received a product but i want to return it. Kindly help me I am in big trouble. Your cooperation is highly solicited.

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How can I cancel prime? I don’t an haven’t used it so can I get refund for months paid for

by Aaralyn

0 answers

Wrongly cancelled order


Wrongly cancelled my order after did the payment. Is it possible to get back my payments. My contact details:

Email :

0 answers

How can I get my receipts

by Aysia

0 answers

Mera order track nhi ho raha h

by Addalynn

Mera order track nhi ho raha h or mere account se paise cut gaye h

0 answers

When will I get my order

by Conroy

Order # D01-0805230-7403864 Payment done by credit card ordered on 24 June 2020

0 answers

I am not able in your reward earning option. Please solve my issue . And send me reward option.

by Ludmilla

No reward

0 answers

I have send money from Amazon pay

by Theordore

I have send money from Amazon pay to my friend but she did not get the money and from my account money is deducted

0 answers

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