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I received notification of 3 charges on my AE card from Amazon and did not recognize them. Questioned charges and was told that 2 for the same amt were actually made on Mon 10/25/21 and one charge was actually made on Thursday 10/28/21 but I was notified by American Express on the 30th.

Normally when something is charged to my card i am notified immediately which is why I questioned the charges. I only wanted to know what the charges were for since they were not in my orders.

I received an explanation and was satisfied.

My concern stemmed from being sent someone elses order in the past and was told to throw away the order that did not belong to me. So I naturally was wondering if the company could make those errors then they might just be able to charge my card for someone elses order.

Amazon Pros: Lots of choices, Quick service.

Amazon Cons: Cost of amazon prime.

Location: Katy, Texas

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