Y'all service has sucked for the past few times I've got anything y'all screwed it up and I get no credit for it after reorder it and it has to be late to something that the person didn't even get it because it's y'all's faults I think this is *** y'all need to get your *** together y'all need to send me credit or give me some free coupons for putting up with this *** it cost me more money mailing some more stuff off to her that y'all screwed up so therefore y'all need to step up before I blast you on Facebook and make no one else buy nothing from y'all so y'all need to make it right and put some coupons in my account and credit it cuz y'all are getting ridiculous y'all's drivers drop off stuff at the wrong place give it to the wrong people and they don't give a *** This is why you are losing customers because y'all's customer service sucks. So I want to be looking in my account and have credited for all this *** that I have to put up with because y'all can't get anything *** right I will leave y'all another one but if I have to it'll be on Facebook just tell how everybody how bad y'all been and we will go elsewhere. Have a nice night and make sure my *** is right from now on but like I said I'm giving you one more chance to make this *** right so if you want me and my other friends and the whole bridge City to buy stuff from y'all y'all will make this right cuz I promise you I'll put it up and what's up bridge City and put your name to shame have a great night

Location: Nederland, Texas

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