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I recently purchased a product from Amazon from this company. It is called "Deluxe Candyland". The order number is: 116-4274697-1656206

I still have not received a tracking number from this company so I have no idea where they are in the process of having this item shipped off. It is expected to arrive on April 29th, but not sure whether this information is accurate or not.

I've purchased items from Amazon in the passed and almost all of them send me a tracking number quickly.

I ordered this product for a friend of mine and he wants to know whether I did order it from him.

Someone needs to let me know what's going on.


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Turn them in to the B.B.B. consumer affairs & every other place,if nothing else but to get it out there just what CROOKS are on Amazon & Amazon itself.

You got to make some noise, call them every day! Block your # & maybe they can not see, it does not matter most are NOT even in the U.S & you can speak to 10 different ones & get 10 different answers, call a supervisor & or corporate & raise the roof! WE HATE AMAZON! LOOKS LIKE WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Remember the wheel making the most noise gets the oil! Hooyah