Two days ago I purchased a photo edit program for my new business computer: cost 62usd, ship time 10 days. Yesterday I ordered same product for my laptop: cost $52, next day (24 hour) ship time.

So I purchased 2 more within 30 minutes 2 minutes apart: I got 2 different costs, and 1 had ship time December 29, 2nd had ship time 24 hours. Spoke Customer support US: NO HELP! Intentionally called overseas customer support, where immediately felt understood, then asked to be bumped up to overseas supervisor. He corrected MY problems.

Removed the more costly items with lengthy delays in shipping. I do not care why these differences exist. I care that I am not informed of my options. Unsurprisingly the most expensive items had the longest shipping delays, why would I want to pay more for worse service ever.

Therefore this practice clearly benefits Amazon.

I am appalled at such shoddy website customer item practices as randomly assigned higher cost and excessive delivery waits moment to moment. Ordering an item once would not reveal this mischief.

Appalled as well by irresponsible incompetent customer service in US. I went abroad to get better service. In the US reps did not even understand the problems.

Said that they could not get a supervisor. I was promised a call back that never came. (Nor did I expect a call back.) Employees are college kids on break. The international supervisor was employed a full 13 months.

Employee turnover is known in the research to directly reflect on corporate policies such as payment rates. Are FTEs paid with food stamps and medical assistance as Walmart employees are? The drivers get subsistence level of income. Jeff goes to space: The American Way.

The individual pays the business costs with taxpayer money. The owners become billionaires and run the government. (Jane Mayer, DARK MONEY.) Plus my masters in Social Policy focused on corporate policies.

Democracy anyone? This is Oligarchy.

User's recommendation: Complain. Persevere until served properly. Communicate clearly. Complain to government representatives at local, state and federal levels. VOTE for individuals that represent taxpayer interests. Today corporations are taxed as individuals!! Get politically educated. Report specious business practices. Be relentless!!

Location: Havertown, Pennsylvania

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