On August 2021, a trade-in upgraded Fire tablet + keyboard was delivered to me. I was excited until I found out a game app that I used regularly, G5 Sherlock Holmes loaded but did not work properly.

It kept shutting down completely every 5 seconds. I reached out to G5 customer service who in turn reached out to their tech team that tried to fix the issue. They had me uninstall and reinstall several times, switch off my tablet completely and turn it back on after 24 hours, reinstall the app. Nothing.

Eventually in November 2021, they asked me to uninstall the app and not reinstall it until they told me to.

I have reached out to their customer service several times since, but have received a "thank you for your patience" reply or no reply at all.

I have given up on them now. However, in August/September of 2021 I had purchased an in-app "safe of crystals". Total order was around $54. Since I never was able to use the "crystals" I finally reached out to Amazon to receive a refund.

Your first customer service chat rep enthusiastically said s/he would help in the transaction.

"Venkata" eventually after a lengthy conversation with my explaining the issue, and him/her asking for several ID numbers that had me scouring my account for the order numbers, went off air so to speak and before I knew it, I was chatting with some person called "Jagheshwari" who promptly said, "nope, your money won't be refunded!"

I see no reason why I have to be penalized when I got an app on an earlier version of Fire tablet that was incompatible with the upgraded version. It was working completely fine in the earlier version. I had another game app from MyTona on the older tablet that works perfectly on the upgraded tablet.

I don't see why my $$s should be wasted. I did try to resolve with the merchant but they have yet to resolve this.

I want my money back for services that cannot be used.

Location: Merrick, New York

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