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I called Amazon because when I returned a couple of items I was given a gift card instead of my Amazon Chase card credited. I should not have to choose how I want my refund, I fully expected for my purchase to be returned in the manner in which it was paid for.

This is not the first time this happened. If your thinking I didnt make the return in time youd be mistaken, I retuned the items 2 days after receiving them.

By given me a gift card I am not able to track my refund, nor am I able to reconcile my credit card statement, nor am I able to track how much of a credit I have left, and I shouldnt have to do that any way.

I also pay my credit card off every month, so in reality I would have had to pay for those items twice. I am extremely pissed about the way Amazon handles returning the purchase price, Im sure Im not the first person to complain about this.

User's recommendation: Return the purchase price in the manner in which it was paid fir.

Preferred solution: Change your policy to return purchase price in the manner in which it was paid for .

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