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Ordered a Christmas present on Prime after researching several products with several that could not meet the date, this one was chosen basically because it supposedly could be, with a supposed delivery date of 20 Dec. Once ordered I got an e-mail saying it would be delivered 27 Dec.

Since there is no way to talk to anyone I chatted with someone online, and during that chat I got an e-mail saying we would now get that product 24 Dec, and I relayed that still is not a 2 day delivery and doesn't meet our needs. At the end of my chat they basically told me they would push my issue up the chain. When I got off my chat I got another e-mail saying I would now get it 27 Dec again. I got back on the chat again and this time there was again no resolution but I was actually told it would be delivered 2 days after it was available which means their 2 day prime delivery is worthless if somewhere in the fine print they say that because the order page did not say that.

I spent a good hour chatting with them to end up with them to telling me it may be available 21 Dec for shipment and I should just wait and see (like another promise of maybe helps me now). I will find somewhere else to make my order where they will hold their promise so my grandkids won't be sad and it won't look like we don't care. Who wants to celebrate Christmas two days later???

During this chat I got an e-mail saying the date was moved back to 27 Dec. Pretty sure they don't know what is going on or just plain lie to you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

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Online merchants, as well as all the carriers, are getting overwhelmed the week before Christmas. I ordered my entire Christmas list from Amazon the first two weeks of Dec & received everything including an overseas product.

When you hem and haw around, your action caused your disappointment & outrage. Shop earlier to maintain your expectation.