A personal seller that sold me a diamond ring on Amazon had me send back the ring because it broke at the weld and the diamond and prongs were gone and they were supposed to replace it. I sent it to them October 13th and had it certified return receipt to make sure it made it to the correct company.

I reached out to them numerous times through Amazon and I never received a call back. Christmas eve, I remembered it and called Amazon Customer service themselves. They were able to read the continued contact on my side to the seller and filed an A to Z claim for me. They told me a decision would be made within a week on determining if I would receive a refund through Amazon and was showed how to check the status.

Before the day ended I received an email and text alert letting me know that Amazon had approved the full refund and it would be in my account in 3-5 days. I almost thought I was screwed out of the $500 ring my girlfriend bought me as an anniversary gift but Amazon made things right!

User's recommendation: Do not buy anything from Zahras The Jewelry Crafters.

Location: Santa Clara, California

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