I have several Amazon devices in my home. For the past week I have been listening to my music late at night and they wont sync together and I try to tell it to stop playing music altogether to hopefully get them all in sync but sometimes it will stop music on one device and continue on others or just not listen to me at all.

Tonight (4/4/2022) I told alexa to stop music and wouldnt listen and then began a loud screeching sound from all of my devices. Ive had trouble with all of my devices since I got them and I find this unacceptable. I tried to work with them and keep them since I spent a lot of money on them but at this point its ridiculous. Id love a refund so I can switch to google home devices because alexa wont seem to work how I want it to.

Its disappointing that I have to switch but there is zero notice in changes to the ease of using alexa and I have grown tired of fighting with it.

My purchases for alexa could be added up and sent if needed but I am fed up with alexa and want a refund. Thank you

Location: Tupelo, Mississippi

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