My packages keep getting put on my Front step which is close to the highway and the sidewalk this happens every once in a while because most packages as it says deliver and put packages on back porch but there seems to be one driver or two who cannot read and still insist on putting packages on my front porch I have signs out front I have called in about this many times theres specific instructions on the order form and each time it happens I keep being told that it will be taken care of and wont happen again now I dont know if its the same driver hes just being a smart *** or he or she cannot read and is in a hurry I dont have time to keep calling in and complaining about these packages let alone to notify you guys about a package not received or that was stolen or something Hass to get done here thank you for your time. There has even been times where they took a picture of the package on the front step with a sign in the background saying all packages on back porch what else do I have to do my nail person put my mail in my packages on the back porch I dont understand it

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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