I bought two light grey and dark grey queen beds with four drawer. I am a prime member.

I st order I placed for dark grey queen bed with 4 drawer.

No shipping charge and perfect. Same time I placed 2nd queen bed light grey with 4 drawers. Soon I paid for both I realized homic the supplier charged me $69.99 shipping. Same time with in 5minutes I cancer-related for light grey bed set.

They said it's already shipped. How it's possible after placing order anyone can ship with in 5 or 10 Minutes...they already charged to my credit card. They say that once they receive back light grey bed back then only they will issue credit. I aced order on November 28th and I canceled same date at same time with in 5 to 10 minute apart.

Now I received Dark Grey queen bed set and 4 drawers tottal 2 boxes 70% ripped and damage box. I requested several times to resolve the issue and if they give me permission to open both ripped & damaged box I can check if it's any missing parts or any parts are broken.

I requested to take it back and I am not paying for shipping back and they have to arrange for pick up . None of that happen. Eventually I posted feedback about there company.

They says that you can keep dark grey set if nothing is broken or missing and they will give $70 discount and I have to take back review what I posted in feedback. Then I checked everything and nothing broken nothing missing only thing was drawer was light grey instead of dark grey. so I requested them to send me dark grey drawer and I can still keep light grey drawer if they overnight me light grey queen bed set without shipping charge.

They didn't get back to me yet.

I placed order on November 28th because I am expecting guest for Chris and I don't have bedroom furniture for them because we moved to +55 community. Now I am stuck without beds and going through nightmare with this supplier.

User's recommendation: There are other option to purchase same stuff in different name. If you want good service stay away from homic.

Amazon Pros: Great when it works.

Amazon Cons: Amazon turns a blind eye to dishonest vendors, Service people give contradicting information.

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