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Hi Amazon Officer,

I am Yuzhou *** my Amazon account was on hold two days ago, and today the review ended saying that my account was closed. I had submitted the requested materials before, which had the last four digits of my saving account and checking account, as well as my address and name, and I wasn't quite sure where the problem was. This card was new to BoA when I went to BoA the other day, because I am a foreigner so I need a U.S. card. Because I only got a temporary card, I was given a temporary card, and when I received the official BoA card after one to two weeks, the new card would replace the temporary card.

Please tell me what problems I'm having right now and how I can continue to use my Amazon account. Also, I put my card information below again.


Yuzhou ***

Location: The Bronx, New York

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