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I was watch one of my favorit shoes Ray Donivan. I order to see the 8th episode I had to sign up for a trial of Show Time .

It took me 30 minutes to sign up for Show time that I am not interested in to see the episode. Now I have to go cancel it because I dont want to pay for it.

This sucks its not like Amazon to do this

Sheldon Myeroff

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If you subscribe to Netflix streaming, you pay a monthly rate of something like $10.00 or so but everything they offer is with no additional charge. With Amazon Prime streaming, the offer many shows/movies at no additional charge but they also have an awful lot of pay per view or pay to subscribe to offerings---as you found out.

You usually can cancel the sub if it indicates a free trial of so many days with no payment due. I checked Netflix and they don't seem to offer any of the Ray Donovan shows to stream like Amazon does.

If you are computer savvy you can usually find a site online where you can stream or even download just about any show you wish. Do some research.