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When Amazon used UPS or FedEX my packages were always on time in the 2 day window. Now that they bought a bunch of short vans and filled them with idiots and degenerates everything is late and when it is delivered my packages are left in the snow or rain.

Some how this mulitbillion dollar company can't figure out how to get multiple packages going to the same house on the same van either. Why the *** do I have 3 different people delivering packages from them in the same day?

Oh, and one final thing... they know their service sucks because they now limit your ability to complain by only chat or phone calls.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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Completely agree about Amazon. Have had multiple private vehicles with out of state plates (not even the little blue van that at least has Amazon signage).

The drivers of these cars dump the package and peel out of our driveway. Also recently found that their concierge service is not what it used to be. They will not make it right when an item is received broken. Even if the web site indicates many of the same item is available they will not honor the prime shipping (which I pay for through my membership) that I used on the first order that came broken unless the replacement 3rd party seller offers it.

So they’ve become a pretty rigid company that does not empower their employees to pick up the shipping tab to replace a broken item that I already paid prime membership to have delivered quickly. The reps’ hands are tied.

Spent an hour on the phone and spoke to 3 levels of customer service. Now have no item and am completely turned off of Amazon.