Prime No benefits.

Prime ..I agree with other posters here and other sites. Prime is no longer the 'next day delivery' promised.

In fact paying Prime is now rip off becaue deliveries are the same without paying for it. In effect its a wste of money.

Prime offers other benefits --so they say . Music .. theres a rotten selection and only there to force you into subscribing to their millions of songs library .

Its cheaper and better to get Spotify and forget Amazon music altogether. During this year the music selection has been reduced continually . Now its useless. Asking for a song gets the generic response 'Heres a station you might find if your lucky what you are lookng for ' Generally you dont .

so thats another waste of time.

Linking Spotify to the Echo account used to be easy . Now they make it difficult to force you into the poor Amazon Music.

Amazon Prime Videos . another free benefit!!! It offers nothing more than a few old movies .

Far better is available elsewhere. Netfilx is FAR superior and at the same subcription price . Amazon is no competitor.

Finally the Echo units 'age' and become deaf. I have 4 ...

YES FOUR , in different continents and they all suffer from the same deafness problem. In my opinion its an inbuilt planned problem designed to make you buy another later version. Dirty business practice.

I wouldnt buy another echo..ever. I recommend you dont either.

Nor would I subscribe to Prime.

tyhose who have already done so would be well advised to review any benefit . They like me and others will conclude theres no value and cancel for refund

Location: Almeria, Andalusia

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