I want to know.why my delivery date was changed from today to monday? I ordered these products cause it said it would be here on sunday.

I run a tattoo buisness and when i order product from prime and i'm givin a delivery date i expect it on that date. I ordered ink caps and stencil paper from you. Delivery was due to be on Sunday wich is why I ordered it. I had a client Sunday evening for a lion head tattoo For 400$.

Sunday I get up read my emails and find out that you changed my delivery date to Monday. So now I'm scrambling around trying to figure out how to get my delivery that day. I called customer service 4 different times. I finally get hold of someone who puts me on hold for a few minutes .

Then when she came back to me she said she had spoken to the seller and the warehouse and that order would be there the same day between 2-4 that day. Well needless to say it never showed up . My client came in and found out that after making his reservation for his appointment months in advance that I wouldn't be able to do his tattoo session. No my client won't come back and you cost me a 400$ tattoo session over a 13.00 order.

When I called back on Monday to find out why my order never came as promised. I was told well if it doesn't come by Tuesday I can call back and request a refund.

Very pissed off prime member. Tim Byers owner Valhalla tattoos.

Location: Kissimmee, Florida

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