I attempted to place an order kept getting notice of incorrect password. Called and spoke with Amazon rep.

who said a different home address listed on my account. Explained how could this be since I have resided in my home almost thirty years. I requested for my account be closed since I frequently have a problem in placing orders. I was told I would need to email to close account when I attempted to close account it would not allow me to log in.

I often speak with individuals with Amazon who seems incompetent in being able to resolve issues. The person I talked to kept repeating steps that did not work to resolve the problem. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told he could allow me to speak with a supervisor since I could not log into my account. I stated I wanted to express my disgust with issues when trying to place an order.

However, again he would not transfer my call to a supervisor. The experience encountered was very frustrating.

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

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